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People all around the world are becoming increasingly dependent on a small number of large multinational businesses. Monsanto controls 90% of the production of genetically modified seeds. Microsoft holds an 88.26% market share of the software industry, followed by apple with Mac who hold 9.93%. Everyday, 150 million people throughout the world, buy an Unilever product without even realising it. McDonalds, serve 58.1million meals a day around the world. 51 of the worlds 100 biggest economies are businesses. The state loses power at the same rate as businesses gains it. Globalisation has created a context which requires a redefinition of the rules for global 21st century society.

Within this context rises the debate of Social Corporate Responsibility. Companies should re-establish the balance between economic development, sustainable environment and the social development needed in order to build the new society that we long for. Even though a gradual interest in Coporate Social Responsibility is appearing as much in business circles as in social circles, the process is still slow. Meanwhile, the set-up of new norms that regulate the global activity of the companies and prevent negative impacts on the environment and human rights, are becoming more than ever necessary.

It is time that we consider the type of society which we wish to build, and what role we want to play in its development. We must assume the role of all of those affected by the application of responsible practices, throughout all areas of business activity including consumers, workers and public opinion.
Why this documentary?

We believe it is necessary to share information about some of the facts that justify the creation of this documentary and the continual debates on the negative impacts of business activities in human rights, the environment and corruption.

The economic and financial crisis made us notice the lack of regulation within the market and financial system. Over the last few decades, theories such as neoliberalism have appeared, defended by economists such as Friedman, and politicians such as Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan and George Bush, jr. And sr. The policies based on these theories, first generated great economic development but later led to excessive power for multinational companies and financial entities over sovereign states.

As part of this process of financial and entrepreneurial activity, an opaque wall has arisen. The perfect seed for fraudulent and corruptive behaviour to develop, beyond any previously known level. Thus leading to a crisis that has expanded beyond the economic and financial field, and has further accelerated with the entry of emerging free market economies such as India, China and Brazil.

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